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!bang – The Boutique

!bang - we are young

!bang - mini - Fresh

only at The Boutique by The Liaison Collaborative

Teleport right now!


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!bang poses – VIP Changes & New Releases

There is some BIG news to announce for the !bang poses VIPs … and TWO new couples poses.

!bang - nouveau love

!bang - follow your heart

The VIP group is now being offered 50% off all new releases* for the first 48 hours. There are “VIP” vendors hung just below the regular framed vendor photos. To take advantage of this deal:
1 – join the VIP group secondlife:///app/group/95d1ae96-8ec2-4ec1-47e4-1f7cd5463ec0/about
2 – Wear the group tag
3 – Purchase the item from the special VIP vendor.
Be sure to pay the correct vendor, there are no refunds or takesy-backsies. sorry!

With this news, the VIP group fees is also increased to 350L.

the fine print: the discount is only offered in the mainstore location. Only on regular release products, never on specials or events, or anything like that. No refunds (as always).

Now move your feet – the 50% off discount on these releases ends on Sunday 17FEB at midnight slt.

!bang poses Mainstore location
purchase full price at the Marketplace
!bang poses VIP group – join today!

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100L pose sale

Valentine's Sale 2013

!bang - engulfed

!bang poses mainstore

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Holiday pose discount – !bang poses

!bang - acting coy

My customers should know by now that I do things kinda at random. But when I do, they get to benefit! I had this glorious plan to do awesome holiday poses for this release but instead its a couples pose for a really low price. This pose’s sale is only good until I wake on December 26th and only available at !bang inworld. Hurry in now before it goes back to full price.

Also, I have brand new packaging. Its super cute, if I don’t say so myself! Just wear the object and accept the incoming purchase. Its really that easy. No more rezzing and opening. I can’t wait for you to see this packaging. That’s another reason the plan of all the holiday poses didn’t happen. Anyway, you all get to reap the reward.

!bang poses mainstore location

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!bang poses – New Releases

!bang - deck the halls

!bang - my wish

!bang poses mainstore

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The Arcade – !bang poses

!bang - Arcade Gacha {ad work}

!bang - red carpet

Come play at The Arcade!

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!bang poses – Zodiac

!bang poses has released two new poses exclusively for Zodiac by Hottie Cooterati Experience. The event opens today! I’m really excited to be apart of the small selection of amazing designers and creators. Check out all the products, here are my poses:

!bang - secretive passion

!bang - jockey for position

Both of these poses are marked down to 100L, again only for the during of this nearly month long event. After the themed event, they will arrive in the mainstore and the marketplace but at full price.

Teleport now to the Zodiac event!

Find out who is posing in the photos with me on

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