I have a cool new thing for all of you who are in the VIP group for !BANG. When there are new releases, you will have the opportunity to purchase the new poses for a discount.


There will be a VIP area just past the front door (aka, the lounge).  This will be clearly marked and you’ll notice the prices are lower than normal.

To take advantage of the lower price – join the inworld group & activate the group to wear the tag.  Once you have your tag  activated, pay the boards on the VIP wall.

The VIP discount will only be for new products. After one week, they will move to the main section of the store & be marked at regular price.

I’ll also send out the VIP gifts this way. Still free and exclusives just to you in the VIP group..

With this change, the group enrollment fee will increase starting on SUNDAY October 3rd at 9am slt.  Join today  and  telll your friends to get in while the gettin’s good!

Inworld group: !BANG
You use search to find the group or open my profile.

I hope you will like the new features of !BANG.

Trieste Minuet


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