Hold This Pumpkin

Tons of new things and activity at !BANG this upcoming weekend. All new releases & deal of the day stuff plus the beginning of a hunt. I’ll do up a few blog posts to remind you as we go through the weekend.

This post is a tease to the upcoming hunt: The Witch Hunt. I created a full pose set with pumpkins to compliment the hunt gift. The full set is out now – like RIGHT NOW … and the hunt gift will be made able at 12am slt on Saturday.

The full 6-pose pose set – out now:

!BANG - Hold This Pumpkin

Store Location: !BANG

The hunt gift, again will be available beginning Saturday, is HERE on my flickr page.

When it rains it pours – The weekend happenings
Friday: Rocking Friday (50L item)
Saturday: Super Bargain Saturday (60L item) & the start of The Witch Hunt (freebie)
Sunday: Lazy Sunday (75L item)
Monday … sleepin’ in


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