!BANG – Bargains & New Poses

Hiyas, me again with more newness to tell you about … sorry, this is what happens when you’re laid up on bed rest for the last few weeks … and will be this way for the new few weeks at least. ugh. Anyway, SL. New Releases. Yes. Got ’em!

First: Super-Bargain Saturdays
!BANG has out (now a little ahead of schedule) a 3-person pose set for 60L. After Saturday, this pose will be marked at regular price.

!BANG - Secrets Unkept

Also, there are new single pose packs. Prepare yourself for the incoming photo spam:

!BANG - Your Daily Dose

!BANG - This shit is bananas

!BANG - Feeling Blah

Also, August 7th is the final day to get the first 3 couple poses as they are retiring. Each is 75L or all 3 for 200L.

With the addition of these poses, the store has begun the expansion process. I have a halfway built store with a much larger one coming in soon. Please wear your hardhat when visiting!

Store Location: !BANG


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